Geophysical Logging in California

In August 2020 Southwest Exploration mobilized Truck 200 to a Boron and Lithium open pit mining operation in California.  A full suite of geophysical logs was collected, including: Natural Gamma, 3-Arm Caliper, Focused Resistivity, Gamma-Neutron, Dual Density, and Optical Televiewer.  The data collected will be used by the client to reconcile Density measurements taken in […]

Underground Capable Geophysical Logging Rig

Recently Southwest Exploration was requested to do some underground geophysics locally in Arizona. Pictured below is the result of putting our minds together to create an underground sled rig.  The sled rig is small and compact enough to fit into the confined spaces of an underground shaft and mine workings.  It is outfitted with a […]

Large Diameter Casing Inspection in Chandler, AZ

In April 2020 Southwest Exploration mobilized Truck 310 for a casing inspection on a water production well in Chandler, AZ.  With the latest Acoustic Televiewer technology, (ABI-40 2GVLB), SWEXP is able to run accurate cementation evaluation and casing thickness estimates out to a diameter of approximately 24 inches.  In this case, the well was 16 […]

Geothermal Well Logging in Northern Nevada

Two weeks ago, Truck 800 adventured into northern Nevada to do high-temperature Geophysical logging.  This expedition was in support of a company exploring for conditions suitable to geothermal well production.  The logs collected were Natural Gamma, 3-Arm Caliper, Temperature, and Acoustic Televiewer (ABI-43).  The high-temperature ABI-43 tool was pushed near its upper temperature limit and […]

Truck 310 Logging in Southern Arizona

Recently our newest logging vehicle, Truck 310, made a trip for Geophysical logging at a water production well in southern Arizona. A comprehensive suite of logs was run including: Caliper, Nat. Gamma, Temperature, Fluid Resistivity, Neutron, Density, Electric logs, Full Waveform Sonic, and Acoustic/Optical Televiewers. The logging tools were run to a depth of approximately […]

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