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Effective hydro or mineral production solutions require access to relevant, timely and accurate data. If you need to make important decisions based on geophysical data and require assistance analyzing or identifying information, the wireline logging and well logging technology of Southwest Exploration Services LLC is the best choice.
Southwest Exploration Services has the required experience and leading-edge technology that will assist you in arriving at the proper decisions. Owner, Kevin Mitchell, began his geophysical career searching for man-made infiltration tunnels in South Korea. For the past two decades, he and his team have successfully served commercial interests in the Southwestern United States employing the latest wireline logging and well logging technologies in the field.

Our Logging Equipment, Tools And Technology

We currently have 6 modern logging vehicles capable of reaching depths up to 10,000 feet (approximately 3,050 meters) that employ the latest in Acoustic/Optical Televiewer technology as well as all the standard instruments used by Southwest Exploration. The latest additions to our tool shed (2014-2015) include two of the 2nd Generation Acoustic Televiewers (ABI 40) and one 2nd Generation Optical Televiewer. Improved processors and head speeds on these tools deliver clarity and image resolution second to none in the industry.

Our two high temperature Acoustic Televiewers (ABI 43) from ALT (www.alt.lu) allow us to collect data deeper than ever. It’s higher temperature ratings, much faster processors and better acoustic head puts it far out beyond the past models produced by ALT and others. The 2nd Generation ABI-43 tools are currently being developed by ALT and we should be field testing them soon!
In addition, we have acquired the latest in Acoustic Sonic tools (3 and 4 Receiver units), SPT North-seeking Gyro technology (http://www.stockholmprecisiontools.com/), and downhole video cameras (http://www.ariesindustries.com/). Pressure and temperature ratings are higher than any previous tools. Our vehicles, combined with the new tools, will allow us to serve your geophysical needs for wireline logging and well logging with more efficiency, capacity and accuracy.

Our Team

If you need the best combination of experience, efficiency and technology, Southwest Exploration Services is your answer. Contact us so we can address your specific wireline logging and well logging requirements. With a crew of 9 on call we can get where you need us to go and make it on time.

Our seasoned crew boasts many years of experience in the field and utilizes this experience to train our growing roster of employees. Our roster of veteran logging engineers with five or more years of experience includes Kevin Mitchell (Owner), Erika Beam (Data Analyst), Edward Turner, Michael Quinones, and Andrew Olson. The following are more recent additions to the team or have been with us under five years: Martin Quinones, Travis Godsey, Dennis Alp, and Joshua Whittington. Travis Brandt is our home base Office Manager and Robert “Bob” Crowder, Geophysicist at REC Consulting, aids with data analysis on a case-by-case basis.

Our team members have diverse backgrounds and experience. Our primary focus is delivering a top-tier product to the client in a timely, professional manner.

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