Accuracy Is Essential for Proper Well Log Analysis

Accuracy Is Essential for Proper Well Log Analysis

Well logging is a useful tool for obtaining raw data about a well or borehole. However, everything that the logging tools and sensors produce is little more than a series of numbers and measurements. The meaning and implications of that data must be drawn from well log analysis. This analysis must have accurate data to draw from, however, if it is to be correct.

How Analysis Works

Analyzing well logs is a complex process by which the data is separated, compared, and interpreted. Usually the time the logging took, the depth of the borehole, and potential errors due to temperature fluctuations or elastic stretch must all be taken into account. In addition, images or video from inside the borehole itself are often examined to determine other characteristics of the hole, or to locate potential problems. The kind of analysis varies depending on the purpose of the logging. For example, if the goal of logging was to find a certain mineral, the analysis would revolve around finding sensor readings consistent with its presence.

Accuracy Is Everything

Some oil, gas, or mining companies will have professional well log analysts working for them, while other well or borehole owners may not. Many companies that offer well logging services also provide interpretation services. No matter who is doing the well log analysis, however, it’s extremely important that they have accurate data in order to paint a clear picture of the borehole. Without precise data and a skilled well log analyst, the logging process may be rendered useless. Call 480-926-4558 today for information about the well log analysis services offered by Southwest Exploration.

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