Arctic Cat UTV Outfitted With New Portable Logging System

We recently (June 9, 2015) deployed our 2009 Arctic Prowler UTV in the field! The Prowler was used in place of a traditional logging truck because of its maneuverability and off-road 4X4 capabilities. This is the perfect vehicle for logging in difficult, unpredictable terrain. The Prowler was outfitted with all the necessary safety equipment per mine requirements, and a new portable Aries video system ( This portable Aries video system currently has the capability of reaching depths up to 1000 ft. and yields high-quality downhole videos. It is the ideal set-up for borehole/casing videos in areas that are hard to reach by traditional means! This same unit can also be deployed with one of our other logging winches to complete a full suite of geophysical logs.
















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