Borehole Logging Solutions

Borehole Logging Solutions

Well logging, also known as borehole logging, is a practice performed by companies who specialize in the gathering and distribution of relevant geologic information. These companies hire trained specialists who utilize their knowledge, expertise, and technology to provide clients with the information that will help them find the best locations for drilling and mining operations. In order to accomplish this goal, these professionals must first drill a borehole or locate an existing well to analyze. Once a suitable site has been established, borehole logging companies use a number of tactics and tools to gather a wealth of geophysical data. In some instances, borehole logging solutions involve the lowering of highly specialized instruments into the well to collect and interpret information on the deposits and formations within the hole. Another method involves gathering physical samples from the borehole and taking them to a lab to be analyzed and logged. No matter what type of well logging you need, Southwest Exploration Services offers the right solution for your next project.

Who Needs Geophysical Data?

Borehole logging solutions are vital to the growth and development of organizations working in a wide variety of industries and fields. The information gathered usually represents the amount and type of oil, mineral deposits, water content, and geothermal activities that exist beneath the earth’s surface. This helps companies working in the oil, mining, and construction industries build and develop new sites at suitable locations for their upcoming operations. In order to gain access to borehole logging solutions, companies typically contact a well logging solutions provider, such as Southwest Exploration Services, and hire them for a period of time to conduct a comprehensive analysis on a proposed site of development. If your company is in need of borehole logging solutions for an upcoming.

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