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Geothermal Well Logging in Northern Nevada

Two weeks ago, Truck 800 adventured into northern Nevada to do high-temperature Geophysical logging.  This expedition was in support of a company exploring for conditions suitable to geothermal well production.  The logs collected were Natural Gamma, 3-Arm Caliper, Temperature, and Acoustic Televiewer (ABI-43).  The high-temperature ABI-43 tool was pushed near its upper temperature limit and […]

We Moved

Southwest Exploration Office

Yep !! Southwest Exploration has moved into a great facility in south Chandler. It was a challenge getting everything over here and the facility up to operating standards, lights, doors, plumbing, roof, etc., but I think we got it now! With 6 high bay doors in the main facility and offices for everyone it will […]

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