Gamma Ray Log Interpretation

Gamma Ray Log Interpretation

In the field of wireline logging, there are a number of different records and reports that must be generated. These include resistivity logs, as well as the creation of density, sonic, and other types of logs. One of these wireline logging techniques – gamma ray logging – refers to the measurement of naturally occurring gamma radiation. This measurement provides some idea of the rock formations surrounding a borehole in mining, exploration and other drilling operations. The accuracy of gamma ray log interpretation is an important predictor of the success of these projects. Southwest Exploration offers accurate gamma ray logging and interpretation services to meet the needs of any type of project.

The Type of Measurement

Gamma ray logging measures the different amounts and spectra of natural gamma rays radiated from the various types of rocks within the borehole. For example, shale emits higher levels of gamma rays than rocks such as sandstone, salt, coal, and dolomite. An accurate log interpretation will provide you with important distinctions between shale and non-shale, in addition to the amounts of gamma radiation present.

Manner of Taking Measurements

Gamma ray measurements are taken when advanced instruments are lowered into the borehole. Measurements are often taken at ½-foot intervals and then recorded in API units. Information is then drawn from the measurements through a dependable gamma ray log interpretation.

Hire a Professional

Before beginning any excavation project, there are some necessary steps you need to take. The first of these steps should be to hire the professional services of a company that is qualified to provide you with an accurate gamma ray log interpretation. Call 480-926-4558 today to learn more about the gamma ray log interpretation services available from the professionals at Southwest Exploration.

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