Geophysical Logging in California

In August 2020 Southwest Exploration mobilized Truck 200 to a Boron and Lithium open pit mining operation in California.  A full suite of geophysical logs was collected, including: Natural Gamma, 3-Arm Caliper, Focused Resistivity, Gamma-Neutron, Dual Density, and Optical Televiewer.  The data collected will be used by the client to reconcile Density measurements taken in core samples to those measured downhole by our QL Density probe.  In addition, they will be able to use the latest Optical Televiewer data (OBI40 2G) and Focused Resistivity logs to correlate structural and sedimentary controls on their different ore-bearing horizons.  It was exciting for us working at a new location and showing the client the immense value in borehole geophysics.  We look forward to continuing this work in California as the project continues to move forward!   

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