Horizontal Geophysical Logging near Tucson, AZ

Just before the Holiday season Southwest Exploration sent Truck 300 south to a mine site near Tucson, Arizona. The project involved doing a Deviation Survey in a horizontal
well to a depth of 800 ft. The well borehole was drilled primarily for dewatering purposes at the mine. In order to successfully run the Deviation Survey, our company teamed
up with Schlumberger (http://www.slb.com/) to try and problem solve the logistics of “pushing” a 6 ft. long geophysical tool 800 ft. horizontally. A Fiber Glass Rod (FGR)
Reel was used in conjunction with our logging system and truck to complete the task. As tension was held on the wireline to ensure accurate depth measurements, the wireline
on the SWEXP logging truck was taped to the more rigid FGR as it was advanced further into the high wall. In order to advance the tool with the FGR, a team of 5 people from
SWEXP, Schlumberger, and Jensen drilling manually pushed the taped wireline/FGR. This project was new and challenging, but with positive teamwork and communication we were
able to accurately produce a Deviation Survey for the client! This is the first of 2 holes for the project and we are excited to use what we learned on the first trip in the
near future.


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