How Well-Logging Tools Have Changed the Drilling World

How Well-Logging Tools Have Changed the Drilling World

Much like the logs mariners use to document actions on board a ship, well logs have long been associated with the drilling industry as companies have dug into the ground over the years in search of oil, gas, groundwater, and other materials. Early logs usually involved lowering some poor soul down into the borehole itself in order to document the conditions found at the various levels of the well. Such information was vital in determining whether or not the well was viable, yet the costs associated with shutting down production in order to take such readings was often high. Thus, it was recognized early on that well logging tools were needed in order to make the process more efficient.

What They Do

Today, such tools are employed in nearly every extraction operation throughout the world. They offer data regarding the acoustic, radioactive, electrical, and electromagnetic properties of the subterranean materials encountered throughout the various stages of a drilling project. To help save time and money, the well logging tools are often incorporated within the extraction tools themselves, allowing for readings to be taken without interrupting operations.

Incredible Accuracy

The data returned by well logging tools allows scientists and drillers not only an accurate idea of what subsurface materials and structures they are dealing with, but also a prediction as to the success of the operation by showing analysts the hydrocarbon concentrations present within the well. Given this advanced degree of accuracy, it’s clear why these tools have been credited for advancing the science of subterranean extraction to where it is today. Call 480-926-4558 today to learn more about the advanced well logging tools employed by the professionals at Southwest Exploration Services.

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