Large Diameter Casing Inspection in Chandler, AZ

In April 2020 Southwest Exploration mobilized Truck 310 for a casing inspection on a water production well in Chandler, AZ.  With the latest Acoustic Televiewer technology, (ABI-40 2GVLB), SWEXP is able to run accurate cementation evaluation and casing thickness estimates out to a diameter of approximately 24 inches.  In this case, the well was 16 inches in diameter, and the client was looking to assess the condition of the casing, multiple patches that were installed in the well and attempt to locate any casing defects that might be attributing to the large amount of gravel in the well.  We were able to accurately characterize the quality of the patch installations, and identified a couple of defect zones where the integrity of the casing was probably compromised.

3D View of Data Below

Cross-Sectional View of Data Below

Geophysical Log

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