Truck 200 Travels to Northern Nevada

An exciting project for SWEXP took truck 200 into northern Nevada recently.  Truck 200 is a compact, van-style logging vehicle that is well-suited for small drill pads and longer driving distances from our Phoenix home base.  It also has the added benefit of being 4X4 capable!  This trip was the continuation of a drilling project […]

Geophysical Logging in Alaska!

Alaska 2015

Geophysical Logging in Alaska! An exciting new project for Southwest Exploration Services has come up in the Fairbanks gold mining district in Alaska. We have currently logged two holes (as of 8/3/2015) and have 1-2 more to complete. The job includes running the latest in 2nd generation Optical and Acoustic Televiewers, in addition to the […]

Test Hole for Quality Assurance

Test Hole Geophysical Logs

Drilling was completed on the test hole for Southwest Exploration Services today 04-12-12. Arizona Beeman Drilling ( completed the hole at our office in Chandler, AZ. This hole will help immensely in QA/QC testing of tools, software systems and personnel. The well was completed to 720 feet at which point Southwest Exploration completed a suite […]

High Tech North-Seeking Gyro


Southwest Exploration tested and deployed new High Tech north-seeking gyro designed and built by Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT) on 3-5-2012 at FMI-Twin Buttes outside Sahuarita, AZ. We are currently awaiting their latest upgrade for the continuous north-seeking gyro tool.

Getting the Most Out of Your Resistivity Logs

Getting the Most Out of Your Resistivity Logs When collecting well logging data, part of the information that you are likely to gather includes resistivity logs. Resistivity logs can help your business detect certain anomalies (e.g. relative hardness/permeability) that may merit further investigation. However, whether or not anomalies are accurately detected may depend on the […]

What is Wireline Logging?

What is Wireline Logging? Wireline logging is also often referred to as well logging. It is the collection of data within and surrounding a borehole. The oil and gas/mining industries often uses this type of logging to learn more about the geological characteristics inside/near a well. This in turn may aid the company in identifying […]

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