Geophysical Logging

Geophysical Logging Geophysical logging involves taking measurements inside boreholes or wells in order to gather information about the makeup of the soil underneath the earth’s surface. This is particularly useful for gathering information to use in oil and natural gas drilling operations. There is a lot of data that is logged and analyzed in order […]

Well Logging Basics

Well Logging Basics If you have performed drilling work in a borehole or deep well, then you may have already heard of well logging—but do you know exactly what it is, or why it’s important? Well or borehole logging is a highly specialized practice that offers many benefits to operators in the oil and gas […]

Well Log Interpretation Software

Well Log Interpretation Software Boring into the earth’s crust has led to some amazing discoveries in science, biology, and natural history. There are many modern applications that require a company to drill new or maintain old wells. When a person records what types of minerals are present in a drilled well, a well log is […]

Resistivity Log Interpretation

Resistivity Log Interpretation How important is resistivity log interpretation to your drilling success? In order to understand the importance of this information, you must first understand its relevance to your project. You will then need to determine the reliability of the professional providing you with the interpretation. Southwest Exploration offers advanced resistivity logging techniques and […]

Gamma Ray Log Interpretation

Gamma Ray Log Interpretation In the field of wireline logging, there are a number of different records and reports that must be generated. These include resistivity logs, as well as the creation of density, sonic, and other types of logs. One of these wireline logging techniques – gamma ray logging – refers to the measurement […]

Well Logging Techniques

Well Logging Techniques As with any service available in this day and age, well logging has seen the benefit of the advancement of technology in recent years. These technologies have made well logging techniques much more accurate and efficient, while also saving companies both time and money. A brief analysis of the techniques that were […]

Well Logging Data Aids Entire Industries

Well Logging Data Aids Entire Industries Well logging data is information which has been gathered throughout the process of well or borehole logging. This highly specialized service is generally offered by a professional well logging company in order to provide relevant, timely, and accurate data to companies working in a variety of industries. The general […]

Borehole Logging Solutions

Borehole Logging Solutions Well logging, also known as borehole logging, is a practice performed by companies who specialize in the gathering and distribution of relevant geologic information. These companies hire trained specialists who utilize their knowledge, expertise, and technology to provide clients with the information that will help them find the best locations for drilling […]

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