Resistivity Log Interpretation

Resistivity Log Interpretation

How important is resistivity log interpretation to your drilling success? In order to understand the importance of this information, you must first understand its relevance to your project. You will then need to determine the reliability of the professional providing you with the interpretation. Southwest Exploration offers advanced resistivity logging techniques and log interpretation services that can help make your project a success.

What Do You Learn From Resistivity Logs?

During wireline logging and well logging, some of the most important readings to be gained are resistivity logs. The resistivity of the borehole that has been drilled into refers to the substance’s ability to resist the flow of electricity. Depending upon whether the borehole is filled with water, hydrocarbon, or some other substance, the borehole will have different levels of resistivity. The accuracy and usefulness of the information to be gained through resistivity logging is highly dependent upon the abilities of the professionals who are providing the log interpretation.

How Reliable Is Your Interpreter?

In order to put this information to good use, you will need to obtain the services of a talented resistivity logging interpreter. You will use the resistivity log interpretation to make decisions about many aspects of your project, so it makes sense to hire a professional to provide the interpretation for you.

To be sure that you receive the quality interpretations you need, hire a company with experienced staff that uses the most modern, state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Make sure that your resistivity log interpretation is handled with care by choosing professionals with a reputation for providing quality results. Call 480-926-4558 today for more information about the reliable resistivity log interpretation services available from the professionals at Southwest Exploration.

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