Retro-Fitting Winches with new 2 HP Motors

In the past few weeks, when time has permitted, we have been upgrading two of our trucks (310 and 900 – bottom picture) with new 2 Horsepower motors. In the picture below, Michael Quinones (left) and Kevin Mitchell (right) work to find the optimal position in the logging cab for the new motor/winch combination. When finished, the upgraded motors were tested extensively in our 700 ft. test well at the shop in Chandler, Arizona. At similar depths, the tripping in and out speeds of the new motor greatly overshadowed the older model. The new motors readily bring even our heaviest tools to the surface at speeds near 270 ft. /min! The older model motors would only operate at speeds up to roughly 120 ft./min. This should increase our efficiency in the field and help to minimize driller down time for our clients!2HP 1 2 HP 2 2HP 3

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