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Large Diameter Casing Inspection in Chandler, AZ

In April 2020 Southwest Exploration mobilized Truck 310 for a casing inspection on a water production well in Chandler, AZ.  With the latest Acoustic Televiewer technology, (ABI-40 2GVLB), SWEXP is able to run accurate cementation evaluation and casing thickness estimates out to a diameter of approximately 24 inches.  In this case, the well was 16 […]

Geophysical Logging in Alaska!

Alaska 2015

Geophysical Logging in Alaska! An exciting new project for Southwest Exploration Services has come up in the Fairbanks gold mining district in Alaska. We have currently logged two holes (as of 8/3/2015) and have 1-2 more to complete. The job includes running the latest in 2nd generation Optical and Acoustic Televiewers, in addition to the […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Resistivity Logs

Getting the Most Out of Your Resistivity Logs When collecting well logging data, part of the information that you are likely to gather includes resistivity logs. Resistivity logs can help your business detect certain anomalies (e.g. relative hardness/permeability) that may merit further investigation. However, whether or not anomalies are accurately detected may depend on the […]

What is Wireline Logging?

What is Wireline Logging? Wireline logging is also often referred to as well logging. It is the collection of data within and surrounding a borehole. The oil and gas/mining industries often uses this type of logging to learn more about the geological characteristics inside/near a well. This in turn may aid the company in identifying […]

Geophysical Logging

Geophysical Logging Geophysical logging involves taking measurements inside boreholes or wells in order to gather information about the makeup of the soil underneath the earth’s surface. This is particularly useful for gathering information to use in oil and natural gas drilling operations. There is a lot of data that is logged and analyzed in order […]

Well Logging Basics

Well Logging Basics If you have performed drilling work in a borehole or deep well, then you may have already heard of well logging—but do you know exactly what it is, or why it’s important? Well or borehole logging is a highly specialized practice that offers many benefits to operators in the oil and gas […]

Well Log Interpretation Software

Well Log Interpretation Software Boring into the earth’s crust has led to some amazing discoveries in science, biology, and natural history. There are many modern applications that require a company to drill new or maintain old wells. When a person records what types of minerals are present in a drilled well, a well log is […]

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