Truck 200 Travels to Northern Nevada

An exciting project for SWEXP took truck 200 into northern Nevada recently.  Truck 200 is a compact, van-style logging vehicle that is well-suited for small drill pads and longer driving distances from our Phoenix home base.  It also has the added benefit of being 4X4 capable!  This trip was the continuation of a drilling project that started this past summer.  This latest adventure included running a Combo tool (Nat. Gamma, Caliper, Temp., Fluid Res.), E-Log IP with magnetic susceptibility, and WellNav Gyroscope.  The drill hole was HQ diameter, and was logged in multiple sections to minimize the likelihood of getting blocked off or stuck in the hole with our tools.  The total depth of the drilling was approximately 3600 ft. While logging in sections was time consuming, it mitigated the risk and ultimately yielded an excellent set of geophysical logs that will benefit the client in finding and defining their ore body.Y2

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