Well and Borehole Video Inspection

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Well and Borehole Video Inspection

Down hole video is a way of going to places where physical parameters prevent normal methods from being used. We’ve logged thousands of feet of open and cased well surveys, numerous mine shafts and freeway expansion joints. Below are some of the key benefits of our well video inspection methods.

Key Benefits

  • Real time visual display and recording.
  • Verification of newly completed wells or existing conditions (breaks or damages) in older wells.
  • The location of lost materials (pumps or tools) within these wells.
  • The ability to show and map detailed geologic features in the exploration of open holes.
  • With three different media: VHS, DVD, and CD ROM we can put your data on anything windows driven!

Example Videos


State of the art acquisition is only the beginning for our well video inspection methods. We can go deeper than most, and with the dual scan ability picture clarity and coverage is not an issue. We have expanded our service to put your video on the media of your choice!

  • Unique logging truck setups
    • Truck mounted systems with just over 4000 and 5000 feet of cable depth.
    • Portable 12v/110v system with over 1000 feet of cable depth.
  • Camera systems
    • Aries CCV
      • We have three camera systems designed and built by Aries CCV to provide state-of-the-art well video inspection methods. Two dual scan camera systems with 2″ and 3.5″ diameter cameras with multiple light-heads for increased coverage for large and small holes. One camera designed for mine shaft inspections.
        • 3.5″ Dual Scan Camera
        • 2″ Dual Scan Camera
        • Mine Shaft Camera
    • Laval Underground Surveys
        We have two camera systems designed and built by Laval Underground Surveys that will go up to depths of 4000′ for the latest and most effective well video inspection methods.
      • R-40 Dual Scan Camera
      • R-211 Slim Hole Camera
  • Portable systems
    We have portable systems that run on 12v/110v with 1.25″, 2.5″ and 3.5” camera systems that can be utilized for rough access areas jobs that require 4WD and helicopter-in jobs.
  • Click here to view images
  • Media
    • Multiple media formats: Of course we can put your info on almost any media available as well as save it in multiple formats!
      • Potential media saving formats:
        • DVDs (for well videos)
        • CDs
        • Flash drives
        • Thermal prints
      • Potential data formats:
        • PDF (.pdf)
        • Text files (.txt)
        • Bitmap files (.bmp)
        • Thermal or color prints

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