Well Logging Data Aids Entire Industries

Well Logging Data Aids Entire Industries

Well logging data is information which has been gathered throughout the process of well or borehole logging. This highly specialized service is generally offered by a professional well logging company in order to provide relevant, timely, and accurate data to companies working in a variety of industries. The general purpose of well logging is to create a borehole and observe and track geologic data within the hole using complex instruments and technology. In general, there are two methods by which well logging companies collect data. The well logging data may be gathered by taking measurements using specialized instruments as they are extended into the borehole or by the testing and analysis of physical samples collected from the hole. Whether the well is quite old, or was recently drilled, Southwest Exploration Services can provide the well logging data any company needs to evaluate potential locations for upcoming operations.

Who Uses Well Logging Data?

Logging data collected from newly drilled boreholes or existing wells is generally used by companies or individuals interested in the contents and composition of the earth at a particular site. The facts and figures collected will represent the amount of gas, mineral content, ground water, oil, and geothermal activity existing beneath the surface of the earth in a specific location. This type of data can prove useful across a wide variety of industries including businesses working in the oil industry, mining and extraction companies, energy service providers, and many more. That is why well and borehole logging is considered a vital practice in many different development, manufacturing, and industrial fields. You can find out more about well and borehole logging by contacting a company that provides these specialized services in your area, such as Southwest Exploration. Call 480-926-4558 today for more information about the borehole logging services we offer.

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