Well Logging Techniques

Well Logging Techniques

As with any service available in this day and age, well logging has seen the benefit of the advancement of technology in recent years. These technologies have made well logging techniques much more accurate and efficient, while also saving companies both time and money. A brief analysis of the techniques that were once employed will serve to demonstrate just how far well logging has come over the years due simply to the advancement of technology – advancements that Southwest Exploration uses to provide the best well logging services in the industry.

Traditional Methods

Electric well logging was essentially invented by the founders of Schlumberger Limited, Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger. They developed the Schlumberger array, which was used as a technique to detect and prospect metal ore deposits. They used an electric tool called a “sonde,” and lowered it down a well, creating the first resistivity log reaching a depth of 3.5 meters. Other inventions or tools that were used early on in well logging techniques included:

  • The galvanometer
  • The spontaneous potential dipmeter
  • Transistor and integrated circuits
  • Sonic logs
  • Gamma ray logs
  • Neutron logs
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance

New Techniques

Well logging techniques have come a long way since the early days of Schlumberger Limited. The modern techniques that are currently employed allow for a constant stream of information to be delivered to the surface during the drilling process. The process, which can be called either measurement while drilling (MWD) or logging while drilling (LWD), uses mud pulse technology to send data from the tools being used on the bottom to the surface processors. These tools allow for accurate, efficient data collection within a well or borehole. Call 480-926-4558 today to learn more about the advanced equipment and well logging techniques used by the professionals at Southwest Exploration.

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