What is Wireline Logging?

What is Wireline Logging?

Wireline logging is also often referred to as well logging. It is the collection of data within and surrounding a borehole. The oil and gas/mining industries often uses this type of logging to learn more about the geological characteristics inside/near a well. This in turn may aid the company in identifying zones of rich oil/mineral production. Similar scenarios in the water production/well industry can be achieved through wireline logging.

How It’s Done

After a borehole is created, a logging tool is lowered into the hole to collect data. This could be any of a variety of instruments that are designed to take pictures, video, and record properties such as temperature, fluid conductivity, pressure, and more. Once the data is collected, it is used in conjunction with other geological information to better characterize the rock formation and help the client make more informed decisions.

Options for Analysis and Interpretation

Analyzing and interpreting wireline logging data can be extremely complex and requires specialized knowledge and skill. Fortunately, you can get professional help with the analysis and interpretation of your data. Gathering the data is hard work, but you can hire a company like Southwest Exploration to help you collect, analyze and interpret your data. In fact, they can help with all of your well logging needs from start to finish.

Wireline logging is a precise process where data is gathered for analysis and interpretation. It is great for learning more about the geology within a well, in addition to gathering other valuable information for the oil and gas industry. Make sure you are using the best equipment and getting the best professional help available with your data collection and analysis. Call 480-926-4558 today to learn more about the wireline logging services available at Southwest Exploration.

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